Allow designated visits by family carers into care homes during Covid

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There is no doubt the world is a scary time just now for everyine due to Covid-19 but imagine how it must feel for those living in a care home shut off from their families? 

Yes we need to protect them but we also need to look out for the emtional and mental well being. 

Dementia can effect people in so many ways and the lack of family interaction can cause great decline.

I started this as my mum is in a care home due to her Dementia but understand that this issue goes further than just those who have Dementia.

Why can't we allow one nominated family member per resident to visit safely using PPE?

Why are agency staff allowed to come and go but ONE nominated family member isn't?

Why are care home staff allowed to mix with their family (quite rightly so) and go into the care home to care for our families but we aren't even allowed ONE nominated person per resident to visit?

We are scared our loved ones in care homes are forgetting who we are and declining in health due to lack of family visits and all we are asking is that we allow ONE nominated family member per resident to be allowed to visit to bring some normality back to those living in a care home.