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Allow citizens to witness Indian Republic Day celebrations

It is very unfair that general public who possess cell-phones are not allowed to enter the Field Marshall Manekshaw Parade Grounds in Bangalore, India to witness the Republic Day Celebrations on the 26th of January. When asked for a valid reason, police officers said that a person could detonate a bomb using a cell-phone. Doesn’t it sound lame? And this has become a trend every year with the police trying to avoid responsibility. People come from far off places to witness this once-in-a-year event & they are denied access bcos of carrying a mobile. In today’s world can u imagine anyone not carrying this device?

If you conduct a search at the venue, you will find at least one cell phone with each officer (sometimes two) including constables. How then do the public & the other dignitaries present at the venue trust these policemen with their lives?

Well, even if we agree that there is a possibility of detonating a bomb using a cell-phone, there are many other ways to keep them away from the grounds. The police can arrange for a setup, away from the grounds, where cell-phones can be deposited for safe-keeping & collected after the event. There are many other ways the Govt & police can think of if they are innovative in terms of security issues instead of denying the right of citizens to witness a landmark event.

Since the Republic Day of 2012 is just a few days away from us & comes every year, we believe that there will be positive change made to accommodate this.

I urge people to sign this petition to give people their right to witness a landmark event.

This petition was delivered to:
  • Chief Minister of Karnataka
    Sri Sadananda Gowda
  • Chief Secretary to Government of Karnataka
    Ranganath SV
  • Principal Secretary to Governor
    Krishna Rau G V
  • Director General of Police (COD)
    Director General of Police (COD)
  • Director General & Inspector General of Police
    Shankar Bidari
  • Chief of Police, Karnataka
    Chief of Police, Karnataka
  • Bangalore City Police
    Bangalore City Police
  • Governor of Karnataka
    Dr Hans Raj Bhardwaj

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