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Keep BLS' start time at 7:45 and end time at 2:15

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The BPS Community,

Why is the start time of Boston Latin School being changed by fifteen minutes? How does this help any of the students at BLS? Even though this is a step in the right direction, for us students all it means is that we are awake longer. This not only pushes back time within which we can attend sport practices and do homework, but by association pushes back the time at which we can go to sleep. 

This change in time will not change anything at BLS, except reduce the amount of sleep many students get. Wasn't the purpose of changing the start time to allow students to get more rest? The start time being moved fifteen minutes will have no positive effects. Most, if not all students will still have to wake up at the same time to get to school on time in the morning. This is because leaving their houses fifteen minutes later in the morning means spending twenty minutes more stuck in traffic. Added to this, pushing back the end time of BLS guarantees more time stuck in traffic after school. 

Even teachers, most of whom live outside the city will still have to leave their houses at the same time to avoid rush hour traffic.

Many students already return home late in the evening because of sports. If all these practices are pushed back to accommodate the new end time, many will get home even later, which means that they are doing homework till later, which means that they are going to sleep later, which means that they are getting less sleep. Not more.

This change does nothing positive for the school community, as all it leads to is less sleep for most students. Even though it is only theoretically fifteen minutes less of sleep, for someone who only sleeps six hours a night that is a large amount of time to be losing everyday. For one student this could mean losing 45 hours of sleep over the school year. 

That equates to a loss of around 90,000 hours of sleep for the whole of the school population (Calculated off 2000 students, not all).

BPS, the students of Boston Latin School implore you to keep the current start and end time of BLS at 7:45 and 2:15 respectively. If the times are to change, we believe that it would be beneficial to all parties if we are involved in the decision making. A more positive change would be moving times forward drastically. However many students would not prefer this change either as it also means less time for sports and homework after school.

We would like to be included in the decision making process, along with the faculty of BLS as this affects us, the student body, the most. 

Please hear us out, this is not as positive as it seems.

The Students of Boston Latin School

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