Allow backyard chickens in Manchester

Allow backyard chickens in Manchester

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To Whom it may Concern

This Petition is being submitted to the Manchester NH Board of Alderman requesting that the overly restrictive ordinance limiting Backyard Chicken Ownership in this city be loosened, many lots in Manchester NH are 5000 square feet and this is a safe and acceptable size for the keeping of backyard chickens. The following changes are being proposed, reduce the required lot size from ½ acre to 1/10th acre, and reduce the minimum distance from property lines from 20’ to 10’.

Over the course of the Pandemic, many have found a learning opportunity for their kids as well as a reliable source of healthy eggs by keeping backyard chickens.  Unfortunately, the current regulations prevent many from being able to legally keep chickens.  Manchester's regulations are more restrictive than many, including cities such as Seattle, WA or Concord, NH. 

8.30 The Keeping of Domesticated Chickens (09/14)

1. Purpose. It is the intent of this Section to allow for the keeping of domestic chicken

hens in residential areas for the sole use and enjoyment of the residents of the lot on

which such animals are kept. It is also the intent of this Section to protect and

promote the health, safety, and welfare of residents by not allowing chickens of a

number and type that would otherwise constitute a nuisance or menace to the public

health and safety or cause disturbance of the peace in neighborhoods.

Chickens kept as domesticated pets by the residents of a dwelling unit shall be

maintained in accordance with all applicable City of Manchester ordinances and

regulations, New Hampshire RSA 644:8 Cruelty to Animals, as well as the following

provisions: Article 8. Supplementary Regulations for Specific Uses

Page 8 - 21

a. Locations Allowed. Domestic chickens are allowed as an accessory use on any

lot which is at least one tenth (1/10th) acre in size, is located in the “R-S”, “R-1A”,

“R-1B”, “R-2”, “R-SM” and “R-3” zoning districts and which is utilized for

residential purposes.

b. Number and Type of Chickens Allowed. Up to six (6) chicken hens of any

breed may be kept. Roosters are prohibited.

c. Limitations. The keeping of chickens shall be for personal use only, No person shall sell eggs or engage in chicken breeding, slaughtering or

any commercial activity related to the keeping of the hens.

d. Henhouses and Fenced Areas Required. All hens shall be kept within

structures and fenced areas and shall not be permitted to roam free nor to be kept

or raised within a dwelling. Structures and fenced areas for hens must be located

in side or rear yards and must be set back a minimum of ten (10) feet from

property lines. Henhouses and fenced areas must also meet the following


(1.) Henhouses and fenced areas must, at all times, adequately contain the hens,

provide them with adequate ventilation, be kept in a neat and sanitary

condition, and be maintained in a manner that will not disturb the use or

enjoyment of neighboring lots due to noise, odor or other adverse impact.

The henhouse or enclosure must provide a minimum of three (3) square feet per hen; and

(2.) Henhouses and fenced enclosures shall be no more than six (8) feet in

height, be enclosed on all sides, and shall provide adequate protection for

the hens from weather and wild or domestic animals; and

(3.) The henhouse must be located upon a permeable surface that prevents waste

runoff and the materials used in making the henhouse shall be uniform for

each element of the structure. 


(4.) All chicken feed must be securely stored and protected from the elements;


(5.) All stored manure shall be composted in a fully enclosed structure or

container and no more than three (3) cubic feet of composting manure shall

be stored on the involved lot. All other manure not used for composting or

fertilizing shall be removed from the property.



310 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!