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Allow Backpacks At Tyee

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There's this rule at my school. We aren't allowed to carry backpacks around during school and in class. If you don't follow this rule, they threaten you with a "consequence" This consequence being, they take your backpack away. This "No Backpack" rule is extremely inconvenient and I'll tell you why. It is a huge hassle to go to your lockers in between classes to drop off books and get new ones for your next class. People are often late/ tardy to class because of this. The result is people start using their friends' lockers that are closer to their next class. Students often cram 3-4 backpacks into the same locker to avoid the consequence and not be late. This is not a practical solution at all. The PRACTICAL solution are backpacks, but as previously stated, they aren't allowed. I want to change that. 

Update: To address the problem of weapons in backpacks. If you really want to keep weapons out of a school, not letting students wear backpacks to class isn't the logical solution. This in no way will prevent someone from carrying a weapon into a classroom. (For ex. Weapons could be hidden in clothes, binders, instrument cases, etc.) Now, I really don't think there is a foolproof/affordable solution to completely stop weapons from getting into schools, but not letting students carry backpacks to and from class certainly is not one.

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