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Allow Alabama's Rescues to Rent Booths At Do Dah Day To Promote Animal That Need Homes

Do Dah Day is the Biggest event in Alabama where advocates ,rescuers and animal owners come together to raise funds for the local humane society. This year the rules have changed and rescues that have been a part of DDD in the past have NOT been contacted to let them know to not plan on having a booth at one of the biggest dog events in Birmingham. This decision to not allow any rescues to rent a booth was due to issues in the past where some rescues failed to go by the rules of the event. This issue should have been handled and those people banned from the event not all of them. The animals of Alabama and their rescuers should be allowed to rent a booth to promote the breed that they save. Without them Do Dah Day will not be the same. We as a community of animal lovers ask that you change this back to the way it has always been done and to discipline those that break the rules.

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  • Board Members of the Birmingham Do Dah Day Event May 18
  • Do Dah Day INC.

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