Allow cadets to finish year 12 before they are terminated.

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CDR-AAFC promised consultation prior to implementing the ‘18-and-your-out’ cadet policy. The promo course consultation meetings raised serious issues about terminating cadets on their 18th birthday but the policy is now pushing on the same regardless, and cadet and staff concerns have been dismissed.

Under the CDR-AAFC proposal the AAFC is going to remove teenagers from one of their main support & social structures during Year 12 - the most stressful period of school. 

Cadets should be permitted to remain in cadets until end of year 12, not terminated the day a cadet turns 18. Schools have 18yo and 17yo (and younger) on camps and at school every day without problems. It’s not an issue that’s worth this cost. 

Even if cadets transition to 'staff' under current rules that means a cadet who turns 18 in March of their Yr12 is out, and then if they are invited to transition to staff they would have to cut off all social ties with other cadets who are their close-friends at school, delete them on social media, and not mix on weekends etc with mates who last week they were close with!

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