Allow a nominated family member to enter care homes during a lockdown the same as staff do

Allow a nominated family member to enter care homes during a lockdown the same as staff do

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---------------------------Petition Campaign Update--------------------------------------

At the start of the COVID pandemic, our original petition, now called Anne’s Law, was launched. With care homes closed to general visiting in March 2020, this called for one family member to become a “designated visitor” and be granted access to care for their loved one by following the same IPC guidance as staff members.

The petition was closed by the public petition committee at Scottish Parliament on Wednesday 24th March 2021.We are saddened by the outcome of this decision. The onus has been put back on families to fight for this basic human right to family life for our loved ones in care homes. 

Our request for Anne’s Law (named after my mum) was initially raised during the Covid pandemic when we started to realise the difficulties we would face to get access to our loved ones in care homes. The committee cited that updated guidance is now in place to allow for more meaningful visits, however the issue has now become so much more than a short term Covid related matter. 

We need Anne’s Law to be a legacy of our experience over the past 13 months and to ensure that care home residents will never again be completely isolated from a loved one. 

Care Homes Relatives Scotland has worked with leading IPC experts to produce a website that demonstrates how safe visiting can happen - 

Residents in care homes should have the same rights as those living in society. We have a long way to go, but we believe Anne’s Law is the starting point for helping many. 

What is Anne’s Law asking for?  - 

- Every care home resident should be entitled to have meaningful contact with one nominated person, despite any type of lockdown the care home experiences
- The nominated person has to be recognised as a partner in care and trusted to access the care home in the same way as staff do. 
- Recognition that the nominated person is there to provide emotional and well-being care – something that a member of staff cannot offer in the same way a family membee can, as much as we know they do try. 
- To recognise that many people residing in care homes have complex needs and that allowing one nominated person to have meaningful contact can and will help ease distress for both them and the families. We believe this should include visiting to continue as regular as it was before any lockdown. 
- To recognise that a nominated carer would also help to support the work of the care staff

We have to ask ourselves, would you be happy with a weekly 30minute visits with your family member?



-----------------------------Original request relating to covid------------------------------

There is no doubt the world is a scary time just now for everyine due to Covid-19 but imagine how it must feel for those living in a care home shut off from their families? 

Yes we need to protect them but we also need to look out for the emtional and mental well being. 

Dementia can effect people in so many ways and the lack of family interaction can cause great decline.

I started this as my mum is in a care home due to her Dementia but understand that this issue goes further than just those who have Dementia.

Why can't we allow one nominated family member per resident to visit safely using PPE and be treated the same way as staff are? 

Why are agency staff allowed to come and go but ONE nominated family member isn't?

Why are care home staff allowed to mix with their family (quite rightly so) and go into the care home to care for our families but we aren't even allowed ONE nominated person per resident to visit?

We are scared our loved ones in care homes are forgetting who we are and declining in health due to lack of family visits and all we are asking is that we allow ONE nominated family member per resident to be allowed to visit to bring some normality back to those living in a care home. 


***As the attention around visiting in care homes increases i want to make clear that the petition is asking for the one designated/key worker family member to be allowed access to the building the same as staff and for to not have visits cancelled for any reasons. We need to allow residents the very least connection to one family member or close relative as this pandemic continues to effect our daily lives. We cannot allow residnets in care homes to be isolated from families and close friends for years...we need to be treated as partners in care.

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