Allow a military child to participate in extra-curricular activities

The Virginia High School League denied the child of a military serviceman at First Colonial High School the right to participate in student activities. This student attended FC for over two years participating in cheerleading, gymnastics, and the Legal Studies program when the family was transfered to Japan. Less than a year later, the family made the difficult decision to allow their child to complete her education back at First Colonial where she could graduate with an advanced degree. This would not be possible if she stayed in Japan. This student falls under the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children. Had her father not been in the military this would not be an issue. The 365 penalty denies her the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities her senior year of high school. The Beach District supported the student and requested immediate eligibility. The VHSL denied it stating that an undue hardship was not identified. Are you kidding me? Is this how the VHSL wants to thank this family for their service? Please sign the petition requesting that the decision be reversed. PLEASE help BRIANNA MIKESKA and request that she not be penalized because she is a military kid and that she be allowed to have the same opportunities as all the other students in the school. Thank you!!!!!

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