allot beneficial schemes and proper job for all transgender in chennai

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there are many schemes given for women children and elder citizen in tamilnadu,everyone are been benefited by the schemes only few are been left out, but in case of transgender community its vice versa out of so many transgenders only few are been given jobs and schemes

but what about the others who are begging at beach and railway stations? is it their fault?. now a days no one offers job due to gender issue no one sees the talent inside them everyone are focused on their gender and looks,, many of the politicians  help them only during election time after election the transgenders remains jobless no one will help them

if government have given them a good opportunity they wouldn't have begged for money when they haven't given a chance to express their talents to the world they don't have any choice rather than begging and going in a wrong way. every normal human like us are not respecting  them some sees them like a weird person or calling them in a such a way that hurts them or seeing them as a sexual idle

like any other women they to have a dream about their life and ambitions we are the one who should be support to them , accept them in society treat them as a women they may not be a women by physical appearance but mentally emotionally they are women too lets make their dreams and ambition come true. by signing this petition because they to deserve a change in our society