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Allocate federal funding to immediately research and implement increased K-12 school security measures.

School violence is on the rise with events that are seemingly more devastating each day. In the wake of the recent tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut where 28 people were killed, 20 of them young children, this needs to stop. We need to communicate to our government that we will no longer tolerate reactive responses. We must insist for proactive security measures and the funding for us to properly protect our children from these senseless acts of violence.

Board of Education budgets are tight; schools commonly look to volunteers and donations to cover important expenses.  While the House and Senate (as well as the Nation) debate gun control, mental health risks and violent media, something needs to be done immediately – without delay.  Money for bullet resistant glass, enhanced door and window locking mechanisms and metal detectors can result in an immediate increase to the safety of our children.

The federal government makes emergency funds available to states, cities and towns that declare a state of emergency.  The fact is, the safety of our schools are in this very state of emergency now.



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