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HCPS: Don't Split Twin Hickory Elementary School!

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Dear School Board Member:

We, as Twin Hickory Elementary School, represent the following neighborhoods:
Addison at Wyndham Apartments
Autumnwood at Twin Hickory
Avery Green at Twin Hickory
Bellingham at Twin Hickory
Belmont Park at Twin Hickory
Gardens at Twin Hickory
Harvest Glen at Twin Hickory
Hearthstone at Twin Hickory
Hickory Grove
Jamerson Park at Twin Hickory
Mason Park
Park Commons at Twin Hickory
Park Meadows at Twin Hickory
Regal Oaks at Twin Hickory
Saddleridge at Twin Hickory
Scotsglen at Twin Hickory
Shady Grove Meadows
Townes at Shady Grove
Willows Bend at Twin Hickory

Don't Split Twin Hickory Elementary School!

Both Options A and C are splitting our school community in half.  This is unacceptable to us.  Our THES community is committed to staying together with our friends and neighbors.  Our families are angry and frustrated that this is the 4th redistricting (and splitting up) of our neighborhood in 8 years.  We feel there are other feasible alternatives that have not been explored in the proposals or redistricted in the past.  We would like THES to remain at Holman MS, in a single feeder pattern.  

We see a simple solution, shift east.  We feel the County should look at shifting east rather than the only solution be shifting west.  We need to be forward-thinking and not have a knee-jerk reaction.  Shifting west will result in additional redistricting in a few years as a result of growth in the Western end of the county.    

There is population growth in the West End that is not represented in the numbers on the Census map. They are constantly fluid due to the large parcels of land that have already been approved for residential development, some of which have already started building, creating an immediate impact on school population.  This is demonstrated in the growth in the Colonial Trail ES district, as these children are moving into trailers next year.  CTES and other growth will directly impact the Short Pump MS membership numbers.  This is a problem because it is the western edge of the County and there is nowhere else to shift these children who are being added in the new developments as Pocahontas MS is already close to capacity.

We have reviewed the maps and census data and support Option C with modifications.

Using your Targeted Membership Adjustment Table as our goal, we propose the following minor changes:
1) THES remains at Holman (342 students according to the 2016-17 Middle School Census Tract Map).
2) Hungary Creek students living East of Purcell Road and South of 295 move to Brookland (157 students). OR, alternatively, Hungary Creek students living East of Woodman Road move to Brookland (164 students).

As a result of these minor changes:
- Either of these changes reduce the total number of HCPS impacted students from 558 as proposed in Option C to 420.
- Both of these changes improve transportation for impacted students.
- These options make efficient use of the present school facilities and consider the growth that will occur in the North Gayton corridor, effecting Short Pump MS.
- These proposals move towards better alignment of geographic zoning in these schools, providing geographically contiguous communities.
- It more evenly distributes the Estimated Poverty Rates among the schools.
- The Holman feeder pattern ratio is more evenly distributed between Deep Run and Glen Allen.
- These suggestions optimize the Targeted Membership Adjustment objective of 90% capacity.  Our proposal puts Brookland at 30 (goal 185), Holman at 22 (goal 22), Hungary Creek at 45 (goal -205) and Short Pump at 183 (goal 305).

Please note: These changes would work in Option A should the School Board feel it has more merit.  

With these minor changes, we believe we can accomplish HCPS' goal of a smooth redistricting with minimum impact on all middle schools involved.  Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Respectfully submitted,
THES Families 

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