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Allies: Form G.A.T.O.
August 29, 2014, 11:11 PM
Originally written,
August 3, 2014, 9PM to August 4, 2014, 11:55 PM.  
Telefaxed to numerous diplomatic Missions,
August 3, 2014 and further.  Revised, August 29, 2014.

Directed to Your Excellencies, 
the Ambassadors of Nations which have been allied
in the so-called "War On Terror":
1) The so-called "War on Terror" has failed, 
has resulted in worldwide increases in Government
repression against harmless individuals, and an
inordinate increase in blanket Government surveillance
and other police-state Government abuses of power and
color of authority; and has created self-perpetuating
increased expenses and lobbyist interlocks on 
Government which tend to destroy the tax base and
ensure further pointless destruction of civil liberties
and a pointless lack of strategy due in part to the false
imprisonment and political repression, in America, of 
patriots who should be helping to formulate strategy.
2) The so-called "War on Terror" has failed most 
egregiously in the arc of nations stretching from the
eastern Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf .
3) The moral collapse of the prior fine example of
American global leadership (insofar as GOVERNMENT
is concerned, but not necessarily the American
people as an entirety are concerned) 
has created a material and moral crisis in confidence
not seen since the post-Watergate implosion of
US influence, which has suddenly and harmfully
further resulted in an accelerating power-vacuum
which is causing massive turbulence, or destabilization
around the world - especially from 2012 to 2014.
4) The overbearing influence of outside powers acting
at will and recklessly in terms of doing whatever they
want, regardless of the best interests of people in
regions which have now been hardest hit by turbulence,
has led to a situation in which more of the same wrong
medicine which caused problems to grow worse is
not likely to effect a better cure this time.
5) Diplomacy, and the right use of the right ideas at 
the right time from the right people, handled in the
right way by those whose job it is to recognize
excellence in ideas and in people; will work better
than cronyism, favoritism, media control, and 
Procrustean police-state insistence on using
money, power and the military industrial complex
as the one-size-fits-all solution to every focus of
Government concern.
6) The word "terror" has been overused and abused 
by people acting under color of authority, and in ways 
which use a catch-all pretext of security to justify activities which
amount to nothing less than self-aggrandizement, and which
either have little or nothing to do with fighting terrorism
and which ultimately promote, rather than pre-empt
the danger from such harmful actions.
7) Both long-term as well as short-term strategies
are needed to promote the safety of people on this
planet, and spiritual, philosophical, legal and cultural
aspects of coherent and meaningful security, as well as
material solutions to issues of recent and potential violence
must be emphasized and addressed in order to preclude
the possibility of warlordism and terror by "good" 
Governments taking over the entire agenda 
to the detriment of spiritual, philosophical,
legal and cultural matters of importance. 
. BE IT RESOLVED that the 
shall be formed for the following purposes
and in the following ways and by the following means:
Global Anti-Turbulence Organization, or GATO:
1) The FIRST TIER NATIONS or Charter Nations (CN)
of GATO, will be these nations most severely and
seriously affected and harmed by global turbulence
in the recent past; or most directly in the projected path
thereof.  Here are some examples which we may cite,
in a list of nations which may become the Primary Tier
nations of GATO:
Australia, Cyprus, Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kurdistan, 
Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Mexico, the Netherlands, 
Norway, Palestine, Syria, Turkey and the United Kingdom; 
upon ratification and free assent of the
Governments listed here, and on a first-come, 
first-admitted basis generally. A quorum of five of these
listed nations shall be considered sufficient for the
commencement of business and the ordination of GATO.
Nations may join or be welcomed into GATO, and may
also leave GATO voluntarily or be expelled from GATO
as circumstances and self-determination necessitate.
GATO shall not have an open-ended charter which shall
enable the central or core structure to militarize itself
without specific permission from the citizens of the
member nations; nor shall GATO be an open-ended
charter which shall enable the central or core structure
to aggrandize its power by way of small-print treaty
provisions which have nothing to do with its original
mission, and are likely to lead to abuses of power.
2) The First Responsibility of the GATO charter will be to
explore, initiate and strengthen mutual co-operation
in the area of delivering the people of its member nations
from the harmful imposition of violence which spreads
across borders or is positioned to do so;
and to balance this framework with the strengthening of
mutual co-operation and coherent betterment in terms of
recent serious impositions on human rights, human
dignity and benign freedoms; especially in that such 
impositions on harmless activities are likely to lead to
cross-border violence (CBV) or likely to be related to the
initiation, provoking, aiding and abetting of cross-border
The First Responsibility of the GATO charter will include
the strengthening, creation and development of factors
which will likely reduce, eliminate or pre-empt specific
serious instances of cross-border violence; especially
those most dangerous to the well-being of humanity.
The First Responsibility will include development of 
useful contacts with countries, NGOs and organizations
of all types outside GATO, and with individuals showing
definitive promise in usefulness to the processes of
peacemaking, prosperity and reconciliation; especially
individuals of unique talents who have been bypassed 
due to the policies of the Governments under which they live,
and/or by the communications media and/or the 
diplomatic community.
3) GATO shall not be a forum for nation-bashing, for
nationality-bashing, for religion-bashing, for personal
attacks on leaders of member nations, for Western-
bashing, for capitalism-bashing, for philosophy-bashing,
for subversion, for political repression, for favoritism, 
for gender advocacy, for witch-hunts of any kind,
for accusations which can have no constructive
purpose, nor any other type of undiplomatic or 
unkind activity; nor for any coy attempts to promote
police-state activity or invasive agendae under the  
guise of so-called "anti-terror" efforts.
4) The first crisis for GATO to address shall be the need
to assist the governments of Syria, Libya and Iraq
to end the violent civil insurrections within their
respective jurisdictions.
5) GATO shall serve as a forum and diplomatic means 
to expedite both a stopgap peace agreement between
Israel and the Palestinian Authority, as well as a 
permanent peace arrangement between Israel and the
Palestinian Authority, along the lines suggested by the
Committee of 37 Peace Initiative in this petition:
in the event that the UN General Assembly or the United
Nations as an entirety shall prove to have been either
negligent or indecisive in following this blueprint.
6) GATO shall not be in lockstep with such obsolete
blueprints as the "two-State solution" for Israel and
Palestine, nor shall GATO be in lockstep with any
sacrosanct maintenance of national or international
boundary lines or borders which run contrary to the
principles described in the Universal Declaration
of Human Rights, and which have outlived their
usefulness, and which may have been obsolete 
from the day these lines or borders were drawn;
moreover, GATO shall not create conditions wherein
brave youths shall be sent to hardscrabble battle-lines
by other people in air-conditioned offices, to risk 
or to lose their lives, as a result of the inability of
officials and diplomats to think their way out of the
useless, misleading or harmful limitations of the past.
7) The Committee On Priorities (COP) shall meet once 
every eight days (excluding weekends from Friday to
Sunday, and excluding religious or State holidays
except for emergencies) no fewer than 20 times per
year, in order to re-establish and to creatively re-evaluate
the priorities of GATO.
The Committee On Priorities shall consist of one (1) 
Representative from each member nation, and 
two-thirds (67%) of all eligible representatives minus one
shall constitute a quorum for opening any meeting
and conducting valid business.  (For example,
of fourteen member nations, nine would be a quorum).
8) During meetings of the Committee On Priorities, 
the Committee shall not discuss any business
related to any country whose representative on the
Committee is not present and therefore not able to
defend or advise properly, with the exception of
emergency circumstances; and in such circumstances
the Representative(s) who shall not be in attendance 
must grant permission upon request, vocally or in 
writing, for any such exception to occur in order.
9) The secondary tier of member nations shall include
Afghanistan, Algeria, Colombia, France, 
Germany, India, Iran, Nigeria, Spain, and Yemen, upon ratification  
by the Governments listed here, and on a first-come, 
first admitted basis generally.
10) The tertiary tier of member nations shall be the
AzAwad Provisional Republican Council, Bahrain,
Burkina Faso, Cambodia, the Central African Republic,
Chad, Ethiopia, Sakartvelos Georgia, Indonesia, 
Ireland, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Mali, Morocco,
Myanmar Burma, Nepal, Niger, Oman, Pakistan,
the Russian Federation and Ukraine, on a first-come
first-admitted basis generally.
11) Each new Member Nation of GATO, past the 
primary tier, shall be sponsored and mentored for
no fewer than 90 calendar days by one pre-admitted
member nation delegated to that responsibility.
One pre-admitted Member Nation shall be able to
sponsor more than one new Member Nation.
12) Any nation may be excluded from GATO by a
vote equivalent to a majority of all members, 
for a duration of no longer than six months or 182 days
(whichever is shorter); the only grounds for exclusion
shall be the use of GATO offices or official standing
to enable or conduct harmful attacks, verbally or otherwise,  
upon other member nations or their representatives.
13) Any member nation may be censured for a duration
of not more than five calendar days, in a motion to 
censure without debate.  Such a motion shall never
rise to the level of expulsion, and shall extend no
further than remanding to non-voter and observer
status for the duration of the expulsion.  No GATO
member may be censured more often than
four times per year.   The motion to censure shall
be stricken from the record if the vote to censure
fails to carry by a margin of three-fourths (75%)
and all motions to censure shall be stricken from
the record at the end of the calendar year; and 
shall not carry from year to year.
14) Up to 90 nations at one time may be Member
Nations of GATO.   It may be possible that a nation
may be expelled not for any issue of conduct or
unfitness, but simply to make room for other
nations in cases where there is a more compelling
or emergency need to include a new Member Nation.
15) GATO shall not be a self-perpetuating bureaucracy
which outlives its mission in any context of place
or time.
16) Further responsibilities, purposes, priorities and 
directional vectors of GATO shall possibly include
the following, as described under general committee
headings here:
A) Palestine-Israel Reconciliation Committee
B) Russia-Ukraine Reconciliation Committee.
C) Religious Reconciliation Committee.
D) Committee to Re-Establish the Constitutional
Freedoms of Republics.
E) Committee to Monitor Civil Liberties, Human Rights
Checks and Balances of Government, and Parliamentary
Integrity and Procedure.
F) Committee to Monitor and Publish Comparative 
Nation-By-Nation Ratings of Religious Freedom and Toleration,
Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, Freedom
Of Movement, Freedom To Petition, Freedom of
Peaceful Electronic Association, Freedom of 
Assembly, and the Progress and Direction thereof.
G) Committee to Monitor and Rate Clemency, 
Judicial Integrity, and Pardons and Reprieves.
H) Committee to Define, Presere and Restore
International Law.
I) Committee to Define, Rate, Monitor and Curb 
Totalitarian Surveillance by Governments and 
contractual agencies thereof.
J) Committee to Protect Cultural Treasures and
to Define and Maintain the Integrity of Cultural Diversity.
K) Committee to Support Substantial Self-Determination.
L) Committee on GATO Publications and Independent
Ratings of Freedoms and Rights of Nations.
M) Committee on Fairness and Integrity of Elections.
N) Committee to Prevent Taxpayer Abuses
and to Prevent Violations of Civil Rights via taxation-
related processes.
O) Committee to Monitor Government Arrests and 
Convictions for Non-Harmful and Non-Criminal Behavior
and for Political Activity, Whistleblowing, Dissent
or Harmless Diversity.
P) Committee to Defend the Innocent in Prosecutorial
and Non-Prosecutorial Adversities.
Q) Committee for Amnesty.
R) Committee to Review, Reconsider and Evaluate
Sanctions, Embargoes and Blockades.
S) Committee to Defuse Ongoing and Potential Conflicts.
T) Committee of International Reconciliation.
U) Committee to Investigate Abuses of National
Budgetary Processes.
V) Committee to Define and Monitor Soft Coup Activity
and Executive Obstruction of Legislative Processes.
W) Committee to Promote Government Responsiveness
To And Proprietary Respect for Constructive Citizen Advice.
X) Committee to Investigate And Rate Nations on 
Definable Eminent Domain Abuse, Condominium Fascism,
and Foreclosure Alternatives.
Y) Committee to Promote Government Defense of the
Integrity of Individual Personal Effects, Vehicles, Work Tools
and Businesses.
Z) Committee on Land Reform for the benefit of and
promotion of equitable farming and home ownership.
Þ) Committee to Move Toward Full Employment Economics
And To Eliminate Government-Imposed Unemployability.
Я) Committee to Evaluate Cost-Effectiveness And 
Civil-Liberties Compatibility And Political Sincerity of
Anti-Terror and Anti-Crime Laws; And To Evaluate
And Contain Legal Overflow of, and State Elasticization
Of, Catch-All Statute Laws, Including Extralegal
Abuse of Standards of Political Correctness;
And To Rate Nations According To Defined Standards 
In This Area of Evaluation of Legal and Prosecutorial
XX) Committee to Eliminate Caretaker Abuse, 
and to Eliminate Exploitative and Criminal Treatment
of Domestic Employees, and to Eliminate and Monitor
Government Stranding of Handicapped Individuals, 
and to Eliminate and Monitor Government Stranding
of Victims of Suspected Child-Labor Abuse
YY) Committee to Eliminate Laws Which Hobble
Political Diversity, Which Ensnare Gadflies Of The
State, Which Falsely Accuse Innocent People of
Sedition or Other Heinous Offenses, And Which
Quash Independent Investigative Activity
of Mandated Reporters and Witness Protection.
George Santayana said this: "Those who make peaceful
change impossible, make violent revolution inevitable."
The purpose of these committees shall be overridingly
to  make violent revolution impossible, by making
beneficent peaceful change inevitable
17) Iraq and Kurdistan are advised to agree most 
strongly concerning ridding cross-border violence (CBV) 
from their midst.   This agreement should take 
precedence over any other issues including the
"territorial unity of Iraq"; and the Governments of
Iraq, Kurdistan, Syria and Turkey as well as
the Governments of other nations, may realize
the necessity of recognizing both de facto
and de jurie Kurdish independence
within the borders which have been recognized as
being the borders of Iraq, as well as some smaller
parts of eastern Syria, as an acceptable alternative
to a type of diplomatic unrealism which aids and
abets the de facto independence of land pirates.
Creative solutions such as these will provide a 
firm foundation for successfully addressing the
emergency of land piracy in Iraq and Syria; as 
well as the spillover effect into neighboring nations.
Iraq must be more concerned with winning Iraqi
independence from ISIL, at this time, than 
with suppressing Kurdish independence from
Iraq; and all neighboring nations must have
the same goal in mind, sensibly speaking.
Moreover, Iraq and neighboring nations must
not grant a form of temporary or conditional
independence to Kurdistan for the duration of
the emergency, only to rescind the agreement
when the emergency passes, in the manner of
the desperate prayers of an atheist in distress.
Iraq and neighboring nations must be dedicated
to the purpose of living up to any and all agreements
with Kurdistan, in favor of permanence and integrity
and complete independence, if that is what the
people of Kurdistan vote for in an eventual 
plebiscite, to be held on a district-by-district
basis in fifteen contiguous districts within
18) The United States of America must not be
admitted to full GATO membership in any voting
capacity or administrative or committee powers
until the President of the United States fulfills
the following requirements:
A) Granting of the entire range of pardons listed
in the 52-part Pardon and Reprieve as well as the
37 ancillary pardons on the newer list prepared
during the year 2013 (q.v., the top post pinned on
B) Appointment of Dr. Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati
to a position in the Office of the Pardon Attorney,
or accordance to Dr. Al-Bayati of the same status
as though he were serving in that office, in a
consultative or advisory position independent
of that office, or even in a volunteer status with
direct access to the White House for purposes
of advising the President concerning clemency;
C) Appointment of Scott Ritter to the National
Security Council, or to a credentialed Ambassadorship
(q.v. <;
D) Appointment of Don Siegelman as either US
Pardon Attorney, or as US Ambassador to Germany,
or as US Permanent Representative and Ambassador
Plenipotentiary and Extraordinary to the United Nations,
or as Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights
and Humanitarian Affairs.
E) Repealing of all anti-Constitutional or Constitutionally
defiant sections of the Patriot Act, and elimination of
all un-Constitutional Defense Appropriations Amendments
to the satisfaction of the Hon. US Rep. Justin Amash. 
F) Closing of the prison at Guantanamo Naval Station
in accordance with the provisions of 
<>. ;
19) Neither the Ukraine nor the Russian Federation
shall be admitted to full GATO membership in any
voting capacity or administrative or committee powers
until each makes peace with the other to the 
satisfaction of both, for purposes of membership in
this Organization.
Scott Davis
Committee of 37 Peace Initiative
PO Box 877
Edgmont,  PA  19028-0877

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