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Stop Wireless Smart Meters on the Campus of Maharishi University of Management

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Petition To Alliant Energy For Opt Out Of All RF Wireless Meters And Smart Meters On MUM Campus, Including Private Homes, Condominiums, Trailers.

We, the undersigned, residents of the city of Fairfield, Iowa, petition Alliant energy to opt out all residences, private or otherwise on the campus of Maharishi University of Management as well as Maharishi  Vastu communities and homes  from RF smart meter technology.   We understand Alliant energy has no desire to force upon us a technology which we do not want and is specifically contrary to our life style and choice of environment. We petition to keep only analogue meters for electric and gas, and uninstall all wireless and or digital meters and replace with analogue meters. We are willing to self-report monthly readings from our analogue meters to the satisfaction of Alliant energy.  Maharishi University of Management residential communities are specifically designed with Maharishi Vastu principles of architecture emphasizing alignment with Natural Law.  These homes and building are built at premium cost, and often pay up to 40% more in real estate taxes to the city of Fairfield due to the specific Maharishi Vastu form of architecture employed. The rules and guidelines of these Vastu principles require no RF, microwave frequencies in or around our homes and communities. We request Alliant Energy to respect our decades of effort and philosophy of architecture which bring people from around the world to our community to study and live in such an environment.

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