Alleviating drug use in poor communities by building recreational centers

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In the Philippines, drug abuse runs rampant in the destitute parts of the country (Dangerous Drugs Board, 2016). These poor communities resort to drug use as a coping mechanism to what can be perceived as mental illnesses spawned from years of living in poverty. As a matter of fact, this is backed up by 115 studies that reached 33 developed and developing worlds with 80% of the studies discovering that poverty causes higher rates of mental illnesses (Sohn, 2016).

We are inviting the Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Network (DARN) and the Dangerous Drugs Board for a collaboration and in making this possible, we ask that you sign our petition. This collaboration is necessary for our plans in building recreational centers among the poverty-stricken communities in order to prevent the continual rise in drug addictions. The recreational centers will include basketball courts, parks, playground and fields.