Allergen Friendly Lunchables

Allergen Friendly Lunchables

March 5, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Illusia V.

Hello, I'd like to talk to you about something important to me. Lunchables.

I think we all know lunchables taste good and my brother and I have enjoyed them for years. They have very reasonable prices and are sealed and always protected, I've never had a damaged or expired one. 

But my younger brother, who is 9, was sad to find most contained gluten and the candies inside were milk-chocolate. This brought something to my mind, I bet a lot of kids with food allergies would appreciate it if some Lunchables were free of the top eight allergens.

1: Eggs

2: Dairy 

3: Wheat 

4: Peanuts

5: Fish

6: Soy

7: Treenuts

8: Shellfish 

I understand that this might be thought as difficult to do, but there are several companies that are allergen friendly that Lunchables could partner with, here are some I think are good:

1. Enjoy Life Foods. We buy several of their products and they are very good.

2. Made Good. Our favorite things from Made Good include their bars and several other delicious foods.

3. Udi's. They make several bread products, used in nationwide restaurants. 

In the US alone, 8% of children have food allergies, that's 1 in every 13 children.

In 2020, almost 50 million people bought a Lunchable, yet approximately 6 and a half million children were not able to enjoy a convenient, affordable lunch due to their allergens.

Something else I would also like to bring to your attention is that a study in 2016 showed that kids with allergens who were low- income spent 2.5 times more on hospitalization costs.

Because of the expenses of allergen-free free food and snacks Many aren't able to get a safe, inexpensive lunch because of there allergens.

The cost of living allergen free is more expensive then you may know. One study showed that allergen free products were 242 percent more expensive to comparable products.

I hope with more voices that Lunchables will put allergen-friendly lunches in their lineup.

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Signatures: 628Next Goal: 1,000
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