Allergen Awareness - Save Lives - Help small business survive with Collaboration

Allergen Awareness - Save Lives - Help small business survive with Collaboration

3 March 2023
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Why this petition matters

Started by William Ireland

The current law is impossible to comply with for the caterer. 

Changes must be made. It is the government's responsibility to provide tools that are workable - the government must play its part to assist enabling this 3 points 

  1. To vet and agree "a single source of truth" for all information on calories, fats, sugars, food miles and allergens for all ingredients to use an API and PDF's
  2. Enforce manufactures to help with API's. Government to agree upon one database to make it safer for people with all types of allergens to eat out.
  3. One government department owning the "single source of truth" who would manage and maintain the database after initial build and remain the single point of contact and authority.


Who is affected?

Every person that eats out at Restaurants, Pub, Sandwich Shops, Hotels, Farm Shops, Schools, Event Catering, Hospitals, Corner shops, Take-aways food in every environment that you have not cooked yourself.

What is at stake?

To prevent illnesses and deaths from mismanagement of data from businesses to customers. This can be from no fault of the caterer/businesses. We need a change in legislation and we have a solution. The solution has united different businesses pooling resources making a free API "single source of truth" but needs the more industry and Government approval.

API = Application Programming Interface

We are looking for legislation that compels all people producing processed food for the trade to list their product's allergens and nutritional details in a central database that food outlets can access and use in their recipes and restaurant menus.

Why is now the time to act?

We have a team of companies that are working together united (non profit), to make a safer Customers/Staff/Businesses system and a simpler way to make less user led errors for all people eating food out. This is currently being built but we need government participation for the caterer and the customer. It's a win win situation. We want to saves lives not another similar situation Natasha Ednan-Laperouse in a meal been eaten out of the home environment. This can be done now not waiting for another tragic avoidable death. Lets be proactive.

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Signatures: 56Next Goal: 100
Support now