Help support the fight against more housing developments in Seaton Village

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In the last 6 months of 2017 plans for two large and one small housing developments were passed in the village of Seaton in Cumbria by Allerdale Borough Council. For these three developments alone, 174 houses were approved which could potentially increase the population of the village by nearly 10%.  There are now a further two large sites on the way into Seaton being discussed for inclusion in the Allerdale Local Plan Part 2 which will increase this figure further.


These large estates represent a massive increase in demand on our already oversubscribed schools, struggling road, sewer and drainage systems, and, in the case of the Low Seaton developments of 105 houses, also raise serious concerns over their potential to add to the flooding experienced both in the village and by the residents of Barepot in the future.


We have only two road bridges; one pedestrian and one rail bridge to link us to the main centre of Workington which, as proved in both 2009 and 2015 could be severely affected by future floods which are happening more regularly due to climate change.  Loss of either of the road bridges would result in long delays in crossing the river by car, and with Calva Bridge having been heavily repaired following one of these floods, the potential for loss cannot be completely ruled out.  To allow large numbers of houses to be built across these is not ideal as the majority of large employers, and all the secondary schools and further education facilities lie across these vital bridges.


To balance this:

 Seaton is now over 1/5th the size of Workington already in population terms, which is huge considering we are only a village!

Seaton’s population is currently just over 5,100 residents

Workington’s population is currently just over 25,200 residents

To accommodate a similar 10% increase in residents in Workington, Allerdale would have needed to approve over 1000 homes to be built last year.


Please help us to show that, as a Village, we are now big enough – in comparison the Town of Keswick only has just over 5,200 residents, but has far more shops, pubs, restaurants, employers and other facilities.



Thank you