Remove The Confederate Statue In Allendale's Veterans Garden of Honor

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In 1998 a statue of a Confederate and Union Soldier standing back to back with a slave child crouched down by their feet was put in the Veterans Garden of Honor in the Allendale Community Park, located in Allendale, MI

1) No confederate soldiers were from Allendale, Michigan. Thirty-six Allendale citizens fought in the civil war; this was 20% of Allendale's population. All thirty-six soldiers fought on the Union side.

2) We do not need statues to "remember history" nor do we erect statues of other traitors of the United States to remember them. Accurate books and historians provide a wealth of knowledge for that purpose. 

3) This statue is seen as a symbol of racism that we do not need in our community. 

"Activists and organizers and people who are part of these racial-justice movements, including young white people, recognize that we can’t change policing in America until we change the culture of America, and the culture of America has been deeply steeped in white supremacist celebration and racist norms, of which Confederate monuments are the most visible symbols" - Khalil Gibran Muhammad, professor of history, race and public policy at Harvard University.

We would like to see, lawfully and without disruptive behavior, the removal of this statue.

We would like to have an open discussion for what should be done with the statue once it is removed.

We suggest having a BIPOC artist commissioned to create a new statue in its place that represents African Americans and Native Americans that fought in the civil war.