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Policy change for lice notification to parents.

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John F Kennedy elementary school in Blackstone, Massachusetts has decided to change its policy on lice and/or contagion health notifications as of 2014 .The parents were not informed of this change and most likely will not be. This new policy says that children that are found to have nits or live lice at school will NOT be sent home but will remain at school. More importantly though, if the child returns to school and still has live lice, again nothing will be done. The child will remain at school with lice and will be allowed to interact with their peers who are then in danger of becoming infested with the parasite. I became aware of the policy after my own child became infested due to another child being repeatedly sent to school while infested and I explicitly asked for the lice policy. There was no information sent home to parents and the policy is NOT TO INFORM PARENTS AND OR Guardians of the affected school in which the infestation is occurring . Why is the district being secretive about this change if it was truly the right change to make? I would also like to add that most of the teachers at the specific school are not even aware of said policy and the changes that were made back in 2014 and on a further note, teachers are not informing other teachers that there's been known cases of head lice. Now, for those of you who have never had to deal with a lice issue, I can assure you that it is not a glamour situation and I wouldn't wish it upon anyone. However, if a notice had gone home for the first time my child came home with lice, she would not have had it a second time if other people knew what to look for. Plain and simple, this is a public health issue and it needs to be dealt with swiftly.
The action of this petition is to change the School Districts policy Immediately in the Blackstone Millville regional school district, that notices be given for any and all cases of head lice outbreak so that parents or guardians of students know what to look for and all work together as informed members of the community to eradicate such a public health concern.
Thank you in advance for you consideration.

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