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Help Altrovise come home.

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In 2010 Altrovise Glenn was sentenced to 19 years in prison for drug trafficking and weapons under the disability.  He was offered a plea deal of 7 years which he agreed to. When he went in front of the Judge he was not given his original plea deal and in return he was sentenced to 19 years in prison 14 of that is mandatory. Altrovise has been  fighting to get his mandatory sentence dropped so that he can come home and help his family. In his process of fighting he has discovered that his case was not handled properly. He has asked numerous times for his DNA results proving the gun found was his and has yet to recieve it. In fact the clerk of clerks stated that she could not find evidence of that in his case files. The gun alone added 5 years to his sentence.

 Altrovise has a sick father who need him by his side. He has children that are growing up and in need of their father. And a elderly mother who has not seen her child in over 3 years due to where he is located and she is unable to make the trip to see him. Altrovise has never denied what he done was wrong and that he deserved to be put in jail for his wrong doing, but he would like a fair sentence. Altrovise is currently incarcerated with men who are child molesters, rapist, and murders who recieved less time than he did. 

Since being in prison Altrovise has earned several certificates. Hasn't been in any trouble. He attends classes on a regular and is constantly fighting to get home. With this petition we hope to get his case heard again by Judge Jefferey Reed who has recently been in the news for giving out harsher sentences to specifically black males than other races. Altrovise is not asking to be exonerated, he is just asking that his mandatory time be reduce so that he can file for a judicial release and hopefully come home sooner than later.

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