September 14, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by John Doe

Dear Juventus Management, 

Are you all blind or just self loathing?

What kind of brand of football are you trying to bring with Allegri; one devoid of any quality? Shame on you all for selling tickets and stealing hard earned money for pitiful performances. To allow this clown of a manager to continue tarnishing this club is a disgrace. 


To the fans, please consider signing if: 

  1. The Patron Saint of Slow Ball, Mister Allegri, fills you with disgust.      
  2. Octagon formations are just not for you. 
  3. You believe football requires attacking...any form of forward play...
  4. Cowardly and stagnant football is just not for you.  
  5. 30 metre back passes kill your soul  
  6. uglier football being the brilliant solution cripples your will to live.   
  7. you have better sense than to EVER use Kean or DeSciglio. 
  8. hearing "CALMA" causes you paradoxical hypertension, anxiety, and anger.  
  9. you have a fundamental antipathy to record breaking losses  
  10. you could do a better job for 9 euros...let alone 9 million. 
  11. Allegri makes you question if Del Neri was really all that bad...and he was, but...  
  12. you prefer a manager with energy levels that exceed dead sloth.  
  13. you wish you could take back 9 million euros a season
  14. you think Pirlo could do a better job. 
  15. you desire 2023-24 UEFA Champions League football.  
  16. going back to your ex didn't work out for you. 
  17. you want to see Vlahovic score some goals, or anyone score a goal in open play...even an own goal from open play would be a step forward  
  18. being swindled for 9 million euros by the dumbest manager alive leaves a bitter taste in your mouth.  
  19. you yearn for joga bonito. 
  20. you've screamed in despair watching Juventus under Allegri 
  21. you'd like a coach who's actually won a Champions League  
  22. tactics that result in (a) losing after being briefly ahead or (b) starting to play when you've already lost are unacceptable 
  23. you have any shred of empathy for all the mourning Juventini around the world, having to watch our team be murdered by Allegri and his archaic ways.  
  24. you know that Allegri is capable of turning Messi into the worst player ever...Real Madrid and PSG are thanking their lucky stars that Allegri didn't join them.  
  25. #AllegriOut fills you with hope for a brighter, better future.  


Before it is too late and for the love of Juventus...Join the Movement, Make the Difference... #AllegriOut

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Signatures: 9Next Goal: 10
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