Bring Back 24 hour snow clearing service to NL

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Even if we get the 24 hour snow clearing back. We have too much backlogged equipment awaiting repairs. Each day supervisors at each depot are emailed an equipment availability report. 3 weeks ago Donovan's depot which plows outer ring and pits. Had 2 out of 9 plows operational. 7 were awaiting repairs. And most the other depots on Avalon are only operating above 50%. Government has been dragging their feet and not filling mechanics positions. So repairs are always backlogged. The government hasn't been sharing this with public. It's alarming how often our equipment breaks and how long it takes to get it back on the road.
The equipment availability percentages and reports should be available to the public!!

People want to be heard,  people of NL are very concerned for their safety, their family, co-workers, and friends on the highways because our Govt has taken away the 24 hour snow clearing service that we have a right too just to play the numbers game, 1.9million a year is not worth risking lives over, and the people are letting this liberal Govt know it's not acceptable, and demand an immediate return of 24 hour snow clearing for NL, 5,500 people have already signed this petition and counting, it's time for us to come together and fight for our right to safe driving conditions on our NL highways and roads.

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1.Paul Lane-I'm hearing from many people who are very upset about the safety of our highways and rightfully so. People need to travel our highways for healthcare and work purposes. Safe highways are not optional, they are a necessity

2. A concerned mother: As the mother of the child that made that ambulance trip to the janeway christmas day, something needs to be done

3.A concerned ambulance attendant: I for one have seen a huge difference. I was an ambulance attendant for years and drive it regularly for work now still and all they the years there have been times it has been bad but this year it seems like they are not trying. I for one don't blame the crews clearing it because they are told what to do when to do it. This lies on the higher ups and needs to b changed asap. Its crazy to see the difference. I will do my part and hope everyone else do to cause if you don't try you won't know what could change

4.A concerned citizen: I am appalled to hear from friends and acquaintances alike of the many problems such as dangerous driving conditions and more due to the lack of 24 hr clearing on TCH and more roads alike.

I am ashamed this Government has chosen minimal money saving over people's lives.

I am ashamed of being a taxpayers when my tax dollars are chosen for certain coffers but not those that enable fellow workers to reach their safe destination. I am ashamed of the tone the Government has to anyone questioning such Governmental choices.

I request immediate return of the 24 hrs snow-clearing on TCH and other roads necessary for the workers and inhabitants of this province to live.

5. A concerned citizen: The highway was too treacherous for us today. I had to turn around at Paddy's Pond. Risk ones life to use a federal highway! Outrageous!

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