Keep Paramedics posted in Caledon: your lives depend on it.

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In a matter of public trust: 
The Town of Caledon has been very fortunate to be served by a group of extremely dedicated primary care and advanced care paramedics stationed in 'stand alone' facilities in Bolton and Caledon Village for many years. This meant that this dedicated group of pre-hospital medical professionals were available to the residents of the Town of Caledon 24 hrs a day 7 days a week giving Caledon residents exceptionally expedient access to paramedic response and ambulance transport to hospitals throughout the GTA. Peel Regional Paramedic Services under the direction of Chief Peter Dundas is about to remove these long standing and dedicated paramedics from Caledon stations and relocate them into several city located 'mega stations' focusing on Brampton and Mississauga after arbitrarily (and without consultation with the municipality) changing a mutual agreement with Caledon Council from 2007 which intended to keep dedicated paramedics stationed in stand alone facilities in Caledon. Chief Dundas has purposely not honoured the original agreement, which would have protected paramedics stationed in Caledon. Instead Chief Dundas has ignored the safety of the north rural area of Peel Region. This means Town of Caledon residents will no longer have access to these paramedics who have spent years learning the geography, needs, and demographics of the Town of Caledon in order to provided rapid expedient response to its residents. This relocation of paramedic crews to Brampton and Mississauga locales will without question, according to those working inside of the system, cause serious and potentially life threatening delays and circumstances including an increase in timely access to emergent care from primary and advanced care paramedics and a complete failure of the system for residents in the Town of Caledon. The un-agreed upon move provides absolutely no benefit to residents of the Town of Caledon, and added benefit to residents of Brampton and Mississauga. Specific results have already been seen in the failure to have paramedics respond quickly to Caledon addresses because of the partial instalment of this flawed system. Consultants to the Region of Peel have stated previously that this system should not be implemented in the rural area and yet Peel Paramedic Services has ignored the unanimous recommendations. Caledon council is aware of this move and have to date made no attempt to remedy the circumstances in an effort to protect every resident in and around the Town of Caledon, which is within their power. This is your opportunity in this municipal election year to demand that paramedics, who have been dedicated/posted in the Town of Caledon stations by virtue of previous agreements, remain in these stations and not be relocated into Brampton and Mississauga. PRPS management have lied to Caledon council and to the residents of the Town of Caledon by changing the agreement covertly. Ask your councillors to see the original agreements as well as the altered agreement. Tell your town council you demand dedicated paramedics in the Town of Caledon. Demand these dedicated healthcare professionals to remain in the Town of Caledon. Your lives depend on it.