please can we have a season 4 of ‘The Fall’

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allan cubitt made one of the best shows on the BBC. season 3 saw the end of the hit tv show ‘The Fall’. but both allan and star, gillian anderson, have shared their thoughts and feelings with continuing the show. of course, the show wouldn’t be the same without seriel killer, paul spector ( portrayed by jamie dornan). but the show has got more potential and more life still left in it. it would be a shame to let such a good show slip through our fingers. 

gillian is excited about the idea of getting to play detective superintendent stella gibson again and would love to explore her backstory and learn more about the character itself. 

it’s  nearly been a year since i’ve had stella gibson on my tv on BB2 at 9pm. i, among thousands of other viewers, miss the show. 

we need a season 4 for many reasons. we need more stella gibson. we need more murders. we need more fantastic writing and characters. we need more stella gibson kicking ass. we need more stella gibson destroying the patriarchy. we need more amazing monologues and quotes that shut down sexism. we need more stella gibson being the patron saint of bisexuality. we need more stella gibson not taking shit from any man. we would like a lot more stella gibson in bra’s and we’d also love to see reed smith. 

i hope that by people signing this petition, allan will be able to see just how much love his show and how much people are hungry for more. 

who knows. maybe they have already spoke about season 4. maybe allan is even writing season 4 as you sign this. we really don’t know. but this petition helps motivate allan into *maybe* creating a season 4. 

thank you for signing and supporting this.