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Home Electricity Connectivity (Last Mile) in Noida Sec70 A&B Block

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There are around 200 plots In Noida Sector 70 A & B Block that were given to allottee from all the sectors after 10 year of long struggle in Noida Sector 70. After this, since 2010 all the allottee got the Allotment certificate. All the allottee since then suffering with no electricity supply to their home. Here Underground cabling and electricity connection supply to home with last mile connectivity to residents only shown on papers by Noida Authority and Noida Electricity department though there was no actual underground cabling installed in Sector 70. Out of 200 households and plots, around 80% of the houses(160 Families) have pulled personal electrical cabling of around 100 to 300 meters in length from outside of the sector or main roads and arranged the electricity for themselves and due to which neither Refrigerators and nor Air Conditioning work well due to improper supply. This has caused AC and fridges to fail due to fluctuations and low voltages. Even after the High court orders to provide underground cabling to sectors in Noida, some electricity  lines are pulled using overhead cabling that cause the green areas to spoil and even a small windfall or lite rain caused the electricity cuts. This is the reason that High court orders are passed for underground cabling in all sectors.

Due to these corruption and corrupt practices, the people of Noida Sector 70 are facing lots of problem and has written many letters to Noida Authority and Electricity Department in Noida. But both the organisations are blaming each other and making responsible to each other but they are not solving our problems and unable to provide the solution after so many years due to which people of Noida sector 70 feels the Jungle raj.Hence we request you to provide the solution to this long term problem and order to department related to underground cabling to provide the underground cabling in Sector 70 A and B block to last mile connectivity to households.


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