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Pet friendly nation , restore humanity

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Everywhere there is challenge accepting other species ,which are not "classified "

How is it that certain species have right to live on this plant earth where as others have no right ? how is it that humans can do whatever damage calling it nature cycle where as it is not natural at all ? how is it that children are not taught to be humble with animals irrespective of species ?

Many humans knowingly or unknowingly does cruelty which is in no way natural way of balancing act , why don't you ever try control your own population ,which is only controlled on papers and not actual ?

stop cruelty in any form ,animals used and ABUSED in circus , road side , rash driving , killing for fun , unauthorized slaughter , so called act of velour ,people posing innocent dead ,animals on social media , just to prove their smart act . 

Pls sign this to ensure no animal is treated bad , unequal and tortured , pls join to agree ,impose increase penalty for those who do such act towards animals ,after all this earth is home for them too, not only homo sapiens. ( people who think and say that its natural , well in natural habitat its natural for a lion to kill pray , however ,its not at all natural to kill for some mere monitory benefits and luxury .   

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