Stop The Money Flow To Scammers.

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People who get scammed, have no way of knowing who exactly scammed them. Scammers employ many receivers to retrieve the proceeds of their scamming activities. Therefore, the solution is to slow or best is to stop the flow of the money that is sent to them.  This affects ALL scammers. Because without the money incentive, fake profiles will disappear. Scammers will be forced to find other ways to do crime. Right now, everyone is a scammer's target. They are praying everywhere, using many types of scams. But if the money does not get to them, then, the incentive to scam is gone. In order for this to begin to happen, all money transfer facilities must implement changes that favor the money sender. Changes like, requiring a co-signer, implementing a 90 day money recall and penalizing anyone who receives money for a scammer. You or a loved one may be a scammer's next target. But that is not going to happen after we unite to stop their flow of money. Thank you for your support.