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My 15 year old son is an athlete, a high school football player.. his name is Taj Taylor . He took a horrible direct hit to the head from another players knee who was in full speed forward motion and he immediately slumped motionless, lifeless and facedown to the ground. EVERYONE that was there responded immediately ..including myself.
I rushed onto the field with the trainer, not knowing if I was walking to my PARALYZED child or my DEAD child. It was the most horrifying feeling any parent could ever feel especially since this happened directly in front of me. When the trainer and I got to Taj on the field he was not breathing well and unresponsive, but he had a pulse.. So many people immediately started praying.. the entire coaching staff of both teams were on the field.. everyone screaming for Taj to respond.. to please open his eyes.. Andrea and I remained calm and kept trying to get a response from Taj.
911 was immediately called, however I find it very disturbing that there was NO PARAMEDICS on site for these games. People who were in attendance of the game and who are in the medical field started rushing to the field to offer help. We had about 10 people around him directly praying over him.. and both football teams on the ground praying. After about 10 minutes Taj began to show signs of slight movement and responded to my voice and my requests for him to respond by squeezing my hand, however he was not able to speak or open his eyes. But As soon as I saw a response of movement to my voice, I knew paralysis was immediately not in the question..PRAISE GOD that was a HUGE MIRACLE in itself right there. It took SEVERAL minutes for any response by emergency personnel.. I am sure we were on the ground in a most dire emergent state for up to 20 minutes before the paramedics arrived on the scene. Taj could have died on the field and there was NO ONE there to respond to such a catastrophic event. After Several minutes of unconsciousness and his body fighting for air.. he began to breath in a more regular pattern and after several attempts he slightly opened his eyes. The paramedics took forever to actually get onto the field when they did arrive and it was determined he would go to St Josephs Trauma Center in Tampa. He is continuing to show signs of the severity of the trauma.. however HE IS ALIVE and HE IS MOVING! I cannot tell you how grateful I am for that! That in itself is a miracle and for anyone who witnessed all of this happen.. they know the severity of it. He has suffered a grade 3 concussion with TBI
( traumatic Brain injury ) , this is about the worst possible form of concussion you can receive.. His Head football coach said he has never seen anything like this in all his 37 years of coaching .. he has never directly seen a traumatic event such as this on the field to any of his players ever... and that same sentiment came from EVERY COACH AND PLAYER THERE.. NO ONE has ever seen this happen to any of their players or teammates and it was an extremely dire emergency and a deep concern for ALL who were there watching and WAITING for Emergency Medical Crews to arrive. My worst nightmare ever played out in front of my eyes and about 1,000 other people as well Life is so precious .. could be over in a blink of an eye, or one play on the field ..
I have since been made aware that there was NO AMBULANCE OR EMERGENCY CREWS AVAILABLE BECAUSE OF BUDGET CUTS!!!! This is OUTRAGEOUS!!!!
That is certainly the WRONG BUDGET CUT TO MAKE!!!! We need to petition for this to change!!! We need to make sure that the #1 priority of ELECTED SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS IS THE CHILDREN!!!! We need to make sure this is heard loud and clear.. that SAFETY OF OUR CHILDREN IS NOT TO BE CUT!!!! This could have ended in a CATASTROPHIC WAY.. and what if it was your child?? Wouldn't you want to make sure there was emergency responders if your child was knocked unconscious?? SECONDS MATTER IN A LIFE AND DEATH SITUATION..
My son is alive.. Praise God.. My son is moving.. Praise God.. My son will have a long recovery to 100% .. but He is alive. BUT IT COULD HAVE ENDED DIFFERENTLY.. AND NOW LETS MAKE SURE FOR THE SAFETY OF OUR CHILDREN THAT THIS NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN WITHOUT A EMERGENT MEDICAL CREW ON SITE TO RESPOND!!!!

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