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Save Western Liberal Democracy. Fix the Islamic Terror Problem.

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Save Western Liberal Democracy. Fix the Islamic Terror Problem in the West, in 3 Simple Steps:

1. MAKE THE PUBLIC SAFER RIGHT NOW. There are tens of thousands of Islamic radicals on European, Australian and US terror watch lists, who are walking free in the West, but preach, fund and practise the West's destruction. Detain them indefinitely until further notice to keep the public safe. Re-educate and de-radicalise. Do not release until they are deemed no longer a threat to the public. A government's number one responsibility is to keep its people safe.

2. ADMIT THERE IS A PROBLEM SO WE CAN STOP IT. Get everyone, including mainstream politicians, to admit that radical Islamic terrorism in the West is very much caused by decades of too much immigration from non-secular, theocratic Islamic countries, who don't share our core values, the unprecedented extent of which has lead to ghettoisation and lack of integration into Western society. Then, STOP immigration from such countries. PREVENT any radicals from returning from overseas combat zones, even if they carry Western passports. The latter have committed treason and should be classified as enemy combatants.

3. MAKE FUTURE GENERATIONS SAFER. The other main contributing factor to Islamic radicalisation is the proliferation all over the world of religious schools, mosques and madrassahs, funded by Saudi, Pakistan and Qatar, among others, for the past 30 years. These teach a hardline, ISIS-esque Salafi interpretation of Islam, which preaches death to infidels, homophobia, anti-Semitism, and treatment of women as sub-human. BAN them. No school or place of worship should be allowed to teach non-secular, fascist dogma. This won't have an immediate effect, but will help to keep our children safer in the next 30 years.

Time to stand up for Western liberal values, which CAN'T co-exist with radical Islam.

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