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Call to either achieve a fair GST result for WA or withdraw from the Australian Federation

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Between 2000 and 2017 Western Australia's share of the GST has averaged just 76.9% as a return per dollar in GST raised in this state. Since 2012 this has decreased to an average of 42% relativity with the current year at a relativity of 38% while the state appears to be in a period of a depression.  My understanding of the Commonwealth grants process was of horizontal fiscal equalisation, so how is this happening to Western Australia.  In the period between 2000 and 2017 the other states receiving an average less than 100% relativity is NSW at 92.7% and Victoria at 89.7%.  The worst that any other state has received in any one year is 87% during this period (WA's is 35%).  The figures were taken from the parliament of Australia web site at  This has been a major issue for Western Australians and should have been addressed years ago.  Over the last 5 years alone the difference between what WA would have got on a per capita basis and what we did receive is $17.8 billion, this would have reduced Western Australia's debt by almost 50%.  We can discuss this topic all day and I do understand that the bigger states should assist the smaller states in the federation financially, but not to the effect of 65 cents in the dollar for every dollar raised in this state from the GST, would you expect your neighbour to donate 65 cents in the dollar from their pay packet to charity, no, then why should this state be expected to do the same.

This petition is a little different from others before it as it places a request not just on our politicians but on you as well. By signing this petition you are signing up to the following:

1.       Demand that our elected Western Australian members both the State and Federal achieve a GST deal that returns a minimum of 90 cents in every dollar raised in Western Australia back to Western Australians, and that this takes place within the next 12 months

2.       If our elected members agree to item 1 and are ultimately rebuked by the Australian Federation then they will submit a request to the Western Australian State Parliament for a referendum to withdraw from the Federal Commonwealth and support this motion

3.       If your local Federal or State member does not sign up to items 1 and 2 then you agree to not vote for that member at the next election

Far too often we as a public scream out at our parliamentarians to act on our behalf.  Our politicians say they are trying, but I and many others are only seeing a statement, buck passing, nothing concrete. The WA government tells the public we are pressuring the federation for change, the federation says we are hamstrung by the rules of the federation, so in the end everyone is screaming at one another and nothing is getting done. That seems to be what politics is all about, passing the buck and trying to advertise that they are doing all they can. This petition's aim is to hold everyone to account, regardless of your political persuasion.  Stop thinking that you are a traditional Labor voter, Liberal, National or other party voter and always have to vote that way at election time.  Ensure that all of our representatives are held to account and that they know that if they do not follow through with the acceptance of this petition, that you will not vote for them in the next election.

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