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Protect and Improve Internet privacy; Hacking

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A hack free community will be a happy place to be. A cybercrime is a  serious crime so don't ignore it. As time pass by, the number of people who is good and has knowledge about hacking and invading privacy of others has increased. This thing is serious and shouldn't be ignored. Having accounts or information about you that is displayed publicly, just like having social media accounts wherein pictures and personal information are displayed can be hacked by hackers and use it against you. That is where cybercrime will be committed.

Hackers are not found in our community only, all people can be a victim of them, even famous people can be subjected to this just like Emma Watson which is one of the most recent victims of hacking. Although there was no nudity in any of the photos, several images were taken from her mobile phone and displayed on the internet.Hacking is a destructive tool. The common stance on hacking with the average person is that it is morally wrong. There have been several instances where hacking has proven to have caused problems. Hacking can create a variety of damages to people, groups and systems of broad spectrum.

Do you know or remember someone who is a victim of hacking? Did you ask he or she what they felt. One of the writers of this petition was a victim of blackmailing, wherein her facebook account was hacked, "My fb was hacked and the hacker blackmailed me, He said if I wont give ₱10,000.00, He will forever keep my account and my private files" the victim said. From the year 2010 until now 2017, the percentage of hacking of accounts grew. Not only public accounts are hacked by hackers but also the government secret files. Which should be a private thing. Hackers can manipulate our life by using our personal information against us, that's why we, the Butch & Friends are aiming to improve internet privacy by appointing a much more secured network websites for internet users, to be safe and protected.

We will be requiring a month to develop this project and we will start our title after we uploaded the petition. We will ask for the government. Expenses may only include the printing of campaign materials and etc.

Should you have any questions about our project, feel free to contact us at Butch & Friends Inc. or email us at or call us at 0997848001 / 955 - 2497.

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