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All users of Energy and water:

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We try to use resources sensibly. Water is one of these and in the west and developed countries it is almost taken for granted. But many people die for want of clean water. Yet in the UK the frugal user can pay over £30 for m³ whereas the wastrel pays less than £2 due to the imposition of a standing charge distorting the price structure. This in turn discourages the saving of water as the effort goes unrewarded. The argument is that we have to take care of users like dialysis patients and large families. Yet a frugal large family is equally discouraged and special cases could get special rates. If enlightened countries can do it so can the UK. Here the supplier is a monopoly and so we are sitting ducks plucked fleeced and shot at with impunity. Join us and protest at this silly system. Would you pay £30 to fill your lawnmower when your gas guzzling yacht owner pays £2 for the same volume of fuel? Of course not. Every vote counts so join now

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