Mandatory De-Escalation Police training for all U.S. Police Departments.

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We all know that police are killing unarmed citizens, and most notably African Americans, in situations where the police are NOT in immediate danger nor fear for their lives, but still feel the need to execute citizens extrajudicially and for the most part receive NO serious consequences. Requiring ALL Police Departments in the United States to implement MANDATORY De-Escalation training as not only the entry requirement to join the force, but as a recurring, designated practice tactic to train these police officers to NOT instinctually resort to gun violence to subdue criminals, and ESPECIALLY not shoot perpetrators who are RUNNING AWAY from the police. It is false that there are NO instances when a cop should shoot at a perpetrator, but the specific cases in where body cam footage CLEARLY shows the perpetrator RUNNING AWAY from the police and still being executed in the streets is UNACCEPTABLE. The time is NOW. 

Mandatory De-Escalation training is a MUST. It will SAVE LIVES on BOTH SIDES of this issue. Less retaliatory police killings, and obviously less extra judicial executions in our American streets. Stop the domestic war NOW. Sign this petition and share it.

De-Escalation is a MUST for police to stop this epidemic of senseless murders.