If MBBS, then why not BDS

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The Honourable Chief Minister

Govt of Odisha

We BDS dental surgeons have no scope of jobs in the govt sector since years.After years of struggling, we have acquired the medical degree.But we are considered jobless equivalent to the 10th fail student.

We also belong to the allopathic group of clinicians, as we have studied general subjects as the MBBS students study in their curriculum.There are numerous number of Medical Officer (MO) posts created in the state at PHC level which consists of MBBS, Ayush, Ayurvedic and Homeopathic graduated.

In other states of the country, Dental Graduates are given equal opportunities in govt job. But the situation is worse in our state. Since 2009 only 400 jobs have been created. And there are around 350 BDS students graduating every year.

We demand our representative in the government to create even number of MO (Dental) post both at PHC level so that the unemployment comes down and there is less scarcity of Medical Manpower in the state.

Yours faithfully

BDS Graduates