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We are told we are operating illegally and our vehicles get impounded,riders thrown out and told to seek alternative transport and made to pay a whooping ZAR9 500.00 fine plus release fee.

Lives of Uber/Taxify partners and drivers are turned into hell because of the arrogancy and non corporation of the City of Cape Town Transport department.We applied for public transport operating permits so that our cars can be compliant.We have been waiting for over 3 years and no word ever since.When we enquire they tell us that its a process.What suprises us though is that they are some who find it as easy as ABC to apply and get their permits.Maybe they know someone on top there.Maybe.What do we do then?We are forced to operate whilst waiting not because we choose to but because of the circumstances.Over the past month or so rumour has it that the Traffic services are given a target of 100 cars a week.That is atleast 100×R9 500.00.Easy money.Ofcourse.

So much inconvinience have been caused by these impounds where in all cases riders are forced to disembark and find other transport means.Now what happens to thousands of visitors who dont know their way around let alone the language?Laws are laws but are we not being overzealous as it has been the cases at Airport where jovial visitors are left stranded after the parkade 1,forced to go back to catch wifi with all laguage and re book a ride.No prize for guessing what alternative and compliant transport is recommended by these traffic officials.I will leave it there.

Uber/Taxify has been a huge blessing to the transport sector in this country.Besides being convinient,efficient,affordable,reliable it is also feeding a lot of households in a country where unemployment is on a rise.

Our plea is that instead of ripping us off with these impound fees and fines please open up the space so that we can apply for the permits.