Telethons for the Farmers. Govt is doing very little.

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During this current drought which is the worst in 119 years, State(s) and Federal Government(s) have provided little more than token gestures to the farmers and the communities which support them. Due to the inaction of the Government(s), TV stations should hold Telethons as they used to in 70's, 80's and 90's. This is our countries food bowl being destroyed by inaction. As many are aware, Australia spends inordinate amounts in supposed aid to other countries. If this is curtailed and redirected to our own backyard, there would more than enough money to help our farmers. As this will not occur it should be a social responsibility for the media to assist. I live in a town in the Tamworth region and businesses are closing or suspending operations due to the drought. The entire community is effected. The photo above is Heifer with Calf that had to be shot as she could no longer feed, or stand. The Calf was 2 days from being born.