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Scrap single holiday supplements

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When you go to buy anything in life such as your weekly shop or clothing for instance are you charged more often 1/3 more or above just because your single no of course not so why are you charged more for you holiday it makes no sense .

A number of hotels do the right thing and charge no single supplement to holidaymakers but then holiday companies put a single supplement on anyway just to profiter from single travels often well over £150 extra even though they don't have to pass even 1p on to the hotel .

The reason for a supplement when hotels  put it on is also crazy as most single rooms are small and cannot accommodate a double bed anyway so infact your giving extra income to the hotel by using the room and often a single person will use the bar area for instance at night where as some couples go to bed early depriving the bar area of revenue.

The main area of exploitation I've found though is with the travel companies selling a package holiday, including trips ect as stated and not hotels so the next time you book your single traveler holiday check with the hotel and you may be surprised to find as I was that they say no we do not charge a single supplement only to find you holiday company is yet again profitering!



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