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Pest Control Companies should be REFRAINED from trapping  cats  as  staffs are NOT trained to handle cats properly. 
Feeders paid from own pocket to engage PROFESSIONAL TRAPPER service to support TNR program
Town Council should too pay for PROFESSIONAL TRAPPING SERVICE if needed to. 

Only need "ONE" cat hater to lodge a complaint about a cat ,  cat could be relocated by Town Council or AVA . It is VERY UNFAIR to helpless abandoned cats.  
Town Council should only  relocate cats as last resort if have concrete evidence to prove more than 10 complaints are lodged against same cat/s and only after Cat Welfare Society is unable to intervene in a dispute to bring about an agreement or reconciliation.

If dog owners are required by law to leash dog in public places.   The maximum fine for not leashing pet dog is $5000
Hence, same FINE BY LAW should be applied to cat owners who allowed cats to roam freely
And cat lovers feeding cats along corridor should be fined too.  
Both "FINE"  imposed by law  will prevent disturbing or inconvenient neighbours and Town Council will not have to relocate cats.