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  • Problem
  • Rural communities are being overrun by large greenhouse complexes because under current farming laws they can be built on any land deemed agricultural.
  • Greenhouse complexes along with any structures related to the operation for example water towers, offices, truck loading docks and seasonal migrant worker housing (bunkhouse) can be located as close as 30 feet from residing property lines.
  • The destruction  of wetlands and wildlife habitat
  • Loss of traditional farmland that cannot be replaced
  • Truck, car, large factory noise as well as constant light pollution.
  • The strain on public utilities(water hydro and gas)as municipalities try to service these sites
  • Road upgrades and widening are required to support increased traffic
  • Transportation traffic 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year.
  • Traditional farming does not need upgraded rural utilities or roads.
  • Neighbouring home owners have to deal with lower property values

The solution for this problem lies in changing the classification of a greenhouse complex from agricultural to lite industrial.This not only protects the home owners and wildlife  but gives local municipalities the ability to plan for future development.

With every conflict there is always a starting point. Here in Kingsville, Ontario, we are asking Municipal, Provincial and Federal Government to update and recognize that the bylaws and zoning laws need to be updated. The definition of greenhouses and the industry have evolved in the past decade

The Kingsville Property Owners Group (KPOG) with your support will continue to fight this issue for all Canadians who have or will be effected by greenhouse complexes. On behalf of the Kingsville Property Owners Group (KPOG) we would like to thank you for your support because we can't do this without you!!!!