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Stand up for Catholic Beliefs

       Sister Jane Dominic was invited into the Charlotte Catholic community and  it is the duty of the students to treat her with the utmost respect. She shared with us the beauty of masculinity and femininity, and how this affects each of us as we grow and develop. She soon entered topics very controversial, yet topics that need to be taught. This is our platform.  

       We the students of Charlotte Catholic High School, acting on our Catholic beliefs, are declaring a formal objection towards all those who do not accept Sister Jane Dominic's lecture on March 21, 2014 as fact and who have signed Emma Winters's petition. We are outraged that the topics talked about are being debated within a community where the shared faith teaches us what truly is holy and that anyone would stand up against a nun, who has given her life for the Lord, and blantly deny God's teachings. What we believe in, stand for, and object are as follows:

I. We believe that every human regardless of gender, race, or sexual orientation, should be treated with love and respect.

II. We do not approve of homosexual marriage or activities, because we understand that it is against the Holy Bible. 

III. We accept homosexual men and women into our community with open arms.

IV. We understand that all of creation sins and that sin is not limited to the homosexual community.   

V. We love all of God's beautiful creation and do not intend to harm anyone.

VI. We state that we have the intelligence to comprehend that Sister Anne Dominic did not condemn homosexuals.

VII. We understand that Sister Jane Dominic did not say that masturbating will make you homesexual or that the absence of a parent will either. Yet, that she said that by partaking in masturbation will lessen your masculinity and that through the absence of a parent in the home will also make a greater risk for homosexuality. 

VIII. We believe that it is important to discuss these topics so that the young people of today may better understand righteousness and God's divine will.  

IX. We believe that it is premier to spread the truth and unite the Catholic Church so that our posterity may have a truer and more deeper understanding of God's perfect plan for our lives.

X. We believe that the Charlotte Catholic High School administration knows what is best for us and that they hold the right to call us to assembly for what they believe we should hear and/or know. 

XI. We understand that it is our duty as Catholics to do our best to keep sin from entering the world. 

        Finally, we state that Jesus has already overcome sin and that no matter the outcome of this topic the Catholic Church has already administered to this  and the right answer may be found through her or God. 

By signing this petition you can help spread the truth and help stand up for righteousness' sake. 

"Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness'sake: for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven."

      Matthew 5:10

If you doubt the Holy Bible and its teaching on homosexual activity please read further. 

"You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; its an abomination."

      Leviticus 18:22

The purpose of this petition is souley to help our misguided brothers and sisters in Christ, to better understand our Catholic beliefs.

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