Can the Plan: Halt All Redundancies and Course Closures at LSBU

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  • Halt Course Closures
  • No to Redundancies
  • Stop Union Busting

London South Bank University (LSBU) has announced a plan for £5-8 million cuts in staffing across the University. This will result in the University shutting down courses and axing upwards of one hundred jobs - both academic and professional services (support staff). Twelve (12) courses are already targeted for closure including Learning Disability Nursing (UG & PGDip), Occupational Health Nursing (UG), and Public Health and Health Promotion (MSc/PGDip). The anticipated redundancies include the UCU Branch Secretary and one of the UCU Representatives from the School of Health and Social Care.

This is all a consequence of the damaging marketisation of Higher and Further Education where the Vice Chancellor wishes to establish himself and LSBU as trailblazers setting the trend for others to follow.

We believe that

  1. this drastic plan will impact on the education provision we provide for our students, and will have a negative effect on student experience at LSBU;
  2. the speed at which the cuts are being pushed through does not allow for genuine consultation with staff and the recognised Trade Unions;
  3. the attack on local branch committee members suggests that it is part of a premeditated strategy to limit our ability to mount effective opposition to this attack.

The Vice Chancellor insists that job cuts is the only way of ‘Getting LSBU into Shape’ for future challenges, and that there is no contingency fund available to cover additional staffing costs or any shortfall in income if recruitment targets are not met for 2018/19. Yet, LSBU has found substantial sums of money to spend on its redevelopment plans:

  • £25 million to relocate the university library, the School of Business and the university’s Executive Team. As a consequence valuable students’ computer labs in the Learning Resource Centre will be lost.
  • £120 million for the failed development of the St Georges’ quarter. As a consequence the University will for many years be left with a large unusable space.
  • The University wrote off £1 million demolition costs and £1.5 million preliminary costs for the shelved development of the St George's Quarter.

In addition the university is sitting on a cash reserve of over £40million.

We the undersigned therefore call on the Vice Chancellor

  1. to open up the University accounts for scrutiny;
  2. stop any unnecessary redevelopment, and
  3. to suspend the planned job cuts for a year to allow for genuine consultation with staff and the recognised Trade Unions (UCU, UNISON and GMB).

Send messages of support to:
Russell Caplan
UCU Branch Secretary

Write to the Vice Chancellor:
Vice Chancellor
Professor David Phoenix
London South Bank University
103 Borough Road
London SE1 0AA