Examinations to be postponed during the pandemic

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This petition is made to make the government and the educational institutions understand that they should not be running over Marks and grades when the whole world is falling apart.

We all know, the entire world is under a huge crisis and every citizen is working hard to get rid of such a dreadful situation where everyday thousands of people are dying and finding ways to make a livelihood. During such a situation, the students are also not getting the proper educational facilities. Still to lessen the impact as education should not be stopped, the professors and the students are joining hands to come together and fight for education. Online classes are helping a lot to manage the situation. I really thank the facilities for taking such a meaningful step. But still what one can achieve by undertaking live classes in a classroom, among students, where ideas are shared and ones visual understanding is enhanced is hampered. Taking exams in such a situation is something which is not right as lack of proper education might affect the lifelong career of the students. Moreover,  many of us are living in some remote areas where proper internet connection is also not available.  We would request the facilities to pay more attention to imparting knowledge rather than putting it down on a piece of paper.

I would request the students to let's come up and join hands for gaining knowledge rather than marks which is just a number. The facilities should also become a little lineant as far as grading is concerned. Let's come up together and win over the pandemic together.