CONNECT WITH CLIMATE- go green to save blue

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Rollbacks on meaningful action to address climate change are alarming and short-sighted.

Science shows us that climate change is the most urgent threat facing our planet today.

Our world is precious, and climate change effects all living things. We are the caregiver of the planet, and need to do our part to keep it safe and clean. Our existence depends on it

We need to step up our use of clean energy like wind, wave, tidal and solar energy Fortunately, there is practical, achievable action we can take now to minimise the amount of greenhouse gases reaching the
upper atmosphere.

What we need is a low carbon economy with minimal use of fossil fuels. And our research shows that we already have the potential to produce everything we need to get us there – we’re just lacking the political action and investment to support a clean energy future.

Another huge step we can take is to make our energy production more efficient. Our current systems are so wasteful that properly applied energy efficiency measures could cut our overall power demand by over 50 per cent.

Next we need to step up our use of clean energy like wind, wave, tidal and solar energy. Equally important is a new smart national power grid capable of integrating all these different sources.

We also need to redesign our transport system by improving and increasing the use of public transport, stopping airport expansion and massively increasing the efficiency of our petrol driven vehicles, and then replacing them, first with hybrids, and ultimately electric vehicles.

Climate change is a big challenge for the planet, and requires action at a large scale by all levels of government and business, but there are many things that you can do reduce your own energy consumption and promote smart energy choices in your community.