Want justice for asifa, be the one to protect girl childs of our nation.

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What the he'll is happening with our country even what the religion you are willing to support is said to be very pure but the persons you all want to support are worse and more worst persons that even they can't see the age of child they want to enjoy .why to protect all such shit. Why don't you think of the child died because of such shit.we need justice for that girls death, they need to be punished like anything . Any other stupid should get fear to touch a girl of child or even to see them in a way to trouble them.

Even though if they don't have respect towards women then make them to fear for women then they will come to to know the value of a girl child to the women after. Don't allow such stupids to freely move on , If u can't just allow or permit the women over there and they can do the best for justice than so called corrupted judicial.

It's very shameful for me to say that I belong to this country having such a nasty system to protect all such kind of shit.

Don't makeup a story , don't manipulate the truth , try to do justice for such a poor little girl and see what changes can happen after this . Don't take too long that they can enjoy hang that shit immediately with such a torture they made to that girl then we will be proud of our nation .

Thank you.