Arresting Willful evasion of GST by unscrupulous registered dealers in India.

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India is a democratic country but what a pity it is to note that GST paid by consumers for Nation's development is being swallowed by unscrupulous registered dealers especially in B2C transactions and painfully there is no answer in present GST Eco-system and neither it was available under VAT regime also. The TAX paid by a consumer to a dealer is at the mercy of dealer, whether he is remitting in treasury or not, properly or improperly; no consumer knows nor the GST Council. Hence it is the legitimate and fundamental right of a citizen to instantly know that the TAX paid by him for Nation's all round progress had properly been remitted by that dealer or not to whom he paid? Even in B2B transactions of invoicing below Rs. 50,000 value there is no surety or guarantee whether TAX is being remitted properly or not? I have proposed a down to earth idea in the form of a B-Plan containing 16 pages to Govt. of India which if implemented in letter and spirit can bring in an additional revenue of Rs. 1,00,000 Crores per each year to Govt. of India and its States!!!

Let me cite two examples here:

 1. In B2C transactions: Say for example four of your friends went to an A/c Restaurant to have dinner and the bill was Rs. 2000/- with GST being Rs. 240/- charged separately. At the end of the day from 7 am to 11 PM, the Restaurant's sales might be Rs. 3 LACKS. Now the Restaurant will have a chance of 30 days to upload a consolidated figure of sales of each day, which he will be happily uploading by reducing it to Rs. 2 LACKS. On the other side the GST eco-system very happily accepts whatever figure he uploads. No question will be raised from any side and the Hotelier will swallow a whopping amount of GST on a Turnover of One lack per each day which is actually speaking the money collected from customers and ultimately meant for Nation's development.

 2. In B2B transactions: Say for example a Consignor-A of Lucknow loaded GOODS worth Rs. 40,000/- @ GST 18% in a carrier to a consignee-B in Bhopal. If it is checked in between (which rarely or occasionally happens) it will be uploaded in GST Site after one month and if it is not then the Invoice will be destroyed with mutual understanding between A&B and in this way a TAX amount of Rs. 7200/- which is meant for Nation's progress will be swallowed by both of the Regd. dealers A&B. There is no answer to this question in the present GST Eco-system since invoices below Rs. 50,000/- are exempted from e-way bill.

 In this way and on All India basis a GST evasion of more than ONE LACK CRORES go unnoticed where my B-Plan suggested to GST will not only come to their rescue to save this money but also put a complete full stop to many malpractices.