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All the companies that use palm oil in their products: Stop using palm oil!

Due to the massive international demand for palm oil, palm oil plantations are rapidly replacing the rainforest habitat of the critically endangered orangutan; with over 90% of their habitat already destroyed in the last 20 years.

During this process we are killing Orangutans which are some of our closest relatives, sharing approximately 97% of their DNA with humans. Orangutans are considered as pests by the palm oil industry. In the deforestation process, workers are told that if wildlife gets in the way, they are to do whatever is necessary in order to dispose them, no matter how inhumane. Often orangutans are run over by logging machinery, beaten to death, buried alive or set on fire... all in the name of palm oil (Also knows as vegetable oil)

Palm oil is also having a shocking impact on our planet. The production of this one vegetable oil is not only responsible for polluting rivers and causing land erosion, but when the plantation workers set fire to the remaining trees, shrubs and debris to make way for the oil palms, it produces immense amount of smoke pollution that is toxic to planet earth. This has been found to be the second biggest contributor to greenhouse gas in the world.
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  • McDonald's
    Please stop using palm oil!
  • Dove’s Farm
    Please stop using palm oil!
  • Green & Black’s
    Please stop using palm oil!
  • Kellogg’s
    Please stop using palm oil!
  • Nestle
    Please stop using palm oil!
  • Cheerios
    Please stop using palm oil!

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