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Prevent Uber from operating in the UK

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Many taxi and private hire businesses have closed due to Uber and its aggressive recruiting policies. Thousands of taxi drivers have been forced out of the trade by Uber. There are fewer and fewer iconic black cabs in London due to Uber. We want all local authorities to deny Uber operating licenses and take into account the hundreds of businesses who have been providing their local area taxis for decades.

Local authorities outside of London need to take into account the fact that TfL licenced Uber drivers are taking away the work from their licensed drivers and as such revenue from them.

Uber argue that they have 20,000 drivers in London and by TfL not renewing their operating licence these drivers will lose their livelyhoods. This is an outright lie because these drivers were earning before Uber existed and will continue to do so after they have gone. Uber argue that millions of customers will be denied a service which again is a lie because these same customers were provided a service by the thousands of minicabs and taxis before Uber and will do so after Uber.

For each taxi and private hire driver it is fight like that of David and Goliath. Uber with its billions of pounds is without doubt Goliath and support from everyone is our only slingshot. So please sign this petition and show support for your local taxi business.


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