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Stores STOP all Usable / Re-usable Plastic Bags

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Supermarkets and all other retail stores please stop using plastic bags and plastic wrap. We have had enough, we don't want this garbage any longer!

Why do major Supermarkets and shops continue to use plastic shopping bags and plastic wrap? Cheaper? Greed? Why do those greedy stores wrap a cucumber in plastic wrap when the mighty cucumber already has a perfect natural skin? They want it to last on the shelf as long as possible is the answer? They don't give a darn if all that plastic wrap goes down the drain to your local beach or to your local land fill. Which is filling up very quickly by the way!

Woolworths along with other major stores also continue to use those thicker plastic shopping bags why? ha who knows they say it is so you can re-use them? Do they compost? NO, how many times are each re-used once?

Come on people get real and think the next time you shop, ask your self do I really need all this plastic crap around my food shopping experience?

I want to see every retail shop use some sort of recyclable bag or box, be it paper bags, planet Ark paper / boxes? Please do not use plastic anywhere possible where there are simple alternatives. Bring your own cotton/hemp reusable bag. Or suggest an alternative bag or container to use. Thank you.

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