Stop blood money in Politics

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Blood money definition is the money obtained at the cost of another's life. We know that there are numerous entities which fund politicians to further their agenda by donating to campaign coffers. Many of these entities engage in primary activities involving commerce of items that is aimed at taking human life or enable support / promote the sale and use of these items to citizens directly or indirectly. All these entities indoctrinate a culture or belief detrimental to the society which ultimately helps their bottom lines. One such is the commercial activity of sale of military grade weapons of mass destruction to citizens. Entities involved are either producing these weapons or supporting activities that promote the sale and profitability. These entities pour in vast sum of money in contributions to the politicians directly/ indirectly for inaction or prevent any meaningful action. As a result of many decades of easy money flow the politicians have become slaves of these entities. They have become helpless and mere spectators who provide only lip service and more inaction. Money is the root cause and we have to stamp out this issue for our representatives to wake up. They have forgotten to serve the nation. They have pimped out common citizen's security in order to protect the entities and thus ensure their longevity. Please sign the petition for enacting strict laws to discourage use of blood money in politics.